Black Coffee Corner

I like to spend my day at coffee shop, seat on the corner, read good book, and drink black coffee. My favourite position on the coffee shop is on the corner, while I can observe some people at coffee shop. Why sitting on the corner? Cause every people at coffee shops are unique, they had a plenty activities they do. So watch them with drink some black coffee is favourite. By the way is my habit, everyone their own habits so just do what ever you do by the way.

Black coffee is unique, specially for me. Every men and women had their favourite drink coffee, for me black coffee. People’s love Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Piccolo, or may be Macchiato. just intermezzo some people mistake to understand Macchiato, because based on traditional coffee Macchiato is a Espresso with micro foam of milk. So please don’t misunderstand. Whatever you drink ice or hot, with milk or without milk you have your own beverages coffee.

Based on my observations, customer at coffee shop in Indonesia they like drinks to Cappuccino or Latte. Cappuccino is something balance coffee with milk, but latte is some more milk in coffee. They like to drink these because is easy for them, and easy. So if you come to coffee shop you can ask how many customers is will drink the coffee, how many Manual brew drinker (i.e manual brew coffee, make with V60, it takes 2-3mins to serve, you can check at goggle for the Filter or Manual brew Coffee).

Back to the Black coffee. Black coffee is something different, why? Because when you drink some black coffee you drink something pure coffee. In my taste coffee, when you drink Black Coffee you taste the coffee sensation, from sour/acid, sweet, and Bitter. Its sensation you can enjoy without thinking, so you can also enjoy it the sensations. From long-after taste bitter, or the sour/acid the coffee. Whatever it is, the coffee in black is something pure, it doesn’t lie. its sensations something you can’t explain by the way. I don’t want to share about the processing (may be later), so for me sensation and taste something you can’t but at the moment from the coffee.

Life is like a coffee sometime’s, its sensations, sometime our life is really bright (i’e acid/acidic/sour) so make your day cheerful sometime, at the moment you can enjoy the sweetness from the coffee without additional from any sugar, its from coffee. At the last moment you can taste some bitter, bitter-sweet, dark chocolate (still bitter but its pleasure bitter) or  long bitter, you can never forget. In life we face those phase in our life in the moment sometime, but may be our life is so much bitter, so from those bitter in life we live, we can develop to bitter-sweet, from the bitter we can make clean aftertaste in life, so we don’t need to worry. enjoy every sips your coffee at home or coffee shops, look around you sometime, people changes, and people come and go. We can’t control, but we can enjoy it at the moment to see them, or making something impressive at same time.

Enjoy your coffee now, sit and sip your coffee. Enjoy that moment at the same time.


Carpe Diem



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